Saturday, November 29, 2008

An Update for Establishing AmperorDirect as the HDX 1000 US RMA Center

In the previous post, I've mentioned that is working with Digitech to establish itself as the North America support and repair center for HDX 1000. It turns out to be not easy to do - it is very difficult to track if the returned units are still in warranty period if they are not sold by us!

Open the HDX 1000 Box to change PCB

So, here is the revised proposal: will offer repairing service to the units sold by only. If you buy the HDX 1000 from us and experience issues in the warranty period, you can ship the unit back to us for repairing. The proposal has been deviated from our original plan to supporting all North Amperica market. But, without going through the hassle to gain cooperation with all other resellers in NA, we can at least help our own customers to save time and money to transfer units back to Digitech in China if their investment goes south.

Let's see if we can make this deal go through.

See us change the PCB in this post

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well, I'm pretty confused now. The store I used to buy my iStarHD 1.3 unit has expended to carry Kaiboer K100 NMT. Aren't they the iStarHD people? Is Kaiboer a brand from iStarHD? Or, is the actually a middle man in US, but not the iStarHD's own employee?

I'm really confused. It makes me wonder if I bought the iStarHD 1.3 from manufacturer or from another reseller like us? If somebody knows about the inside story, please let me know.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

HDX 1000 - 30pcs Arrived at our Houston Warehouse

Good News! The 30pcs HDX 1000 Fedex shipment has already arrived at our Houston warehouse. We did some incoming-material-exam. They are all good. We have put up the product page on our website. See Here. Please note that the price including shipping to US. And, we always have the 5% off coupon: alien, available for you to use.

We have already sold 3 of them. Therefore, there are currently only 27pcs left on our website. Our sea shipment should arrive here in 4 weeks. Hopefully, it can be here before Christmas time.

BTW, we are currently working with Digitech to establish as the North America support and repair center. The way we envision the setup is: no matter where you buy the HDX 1000 from, if you are willing to pay for the shipment and can prove the unit is still in warrenty period, you can send the unit to us. We will do the basic diagnosis and change the PCB for you if it is needed. Sounds good, right? Hopefully, the deal can go through.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

HDX 1000 - Factory Visit


We are so thrilled to know that our first batch of the HDX 1000 is ready to be picked up at Digitech’s factory. Therefore, we sent our best product inspector, Kevin, to check the products. The factory is around one and a half hours away from our Shenzen office by car. It is actually not very far away at all.


Results? We are happy! We see our products sitting in the warehouse. We randomly selected several boxes to test out their performance. Pleasantly, we found that they all worked as they were designed to. We then had a chance to tour the factory. It is really a busy place. It appears as if the Networked Media Tank (NMT) Player is becoming more and more accepted by the market.


One more interesting thing to mention… Guess what? The production line is pumping out all kinds of NMT players. No kidding. This place is producing NMT players of other brands, too! This factory is really the mothership of NMT players!


We have immediately shipped 30pcs HDX 1000 via Fedex to our US office early this week. We have selected the fastest transportation method (The shipping cost is so very expensive!). They could arrive at our Houston warehouse any time now.