Thursday, July 23, 2009

Possible Facebook TV Application

We need some advice!

As our Facebook campaign to promote the HDX 1000 and the BOCS progresses, we want to generate a Facebook application to help spread the word! The temporary name of the application is “What TV shows you are watching tonight?” The application description is below:

  • The application is a box residing at people’s Facebook profile sidewall.

  • The application can display a small image of the TV shows you are watching tonight.

  • There will be a TV scheduler to let users pick the shows.

  • There will be a place for people to talk about the shows and provide other interesting information, such as how many users are watching what shows.

Because this is our first Facebook application, we want to use the divide-and-conquer strategy. We will make the application in four phases.

  • Phase I: Build the necessary features, functions and user interface of the application. The TV show data base will be limited to the prime time shows on the major networks.

  • Phase II: Build a program to auto-extract the TV show’s information from TV guide. People can now pick any TV show available in the US to show up on the application box.

  • Phase III: Build up the user interaction functions, such as building a discussion forum.

  • Phase IV: Find a way to make the application work internationally (to be able to display TV shows in other countries). Possibly make an interface to let people record the TV shows on their TiVo without going onto TiVo’s site.

Sounds interesting? If you have any suggestions to this Facebook application, please leave your comments here or send an email to

We are currently working on the official name of the application. Our options are: iWatch, ShowMe, TV Planer and TVBOCS. Please let me know how these name sound to you . If you can think of better name, please be sure to let me know. I really appreciate your help.